The health benefits of terpenes


Did you know that terpenes are a natural alternative to pesticides? Did you know that they have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antibacterial properties? You can also start eating more fruits and vegetables that contain terpenes. They are an important component of plant survival and are found in many fruits and vegetables.


While terpenes are similar in chemical structure, they differ considerably in taste, smell, and medicinal properties. These compounds play an important role in the formation of flavors and scents in plants and foods. To learn more, you can purchase seeds from a marijuana seedbank and grow them at home.

They have anti-inflammatory properties

The therapeutic properties of terpenes extend beyond the skin. In addition to helping maintain mental health, they can also benefit the functioning of the scalp. For example, Malassezia fungi can become a problem if the scalp’s barrier is compromised. When this happens, a person becomes susceptible to other types of infections. The fungi feed off of dead hair cells and scalp sebum. In response, the immune system sends troops to fight the fungus.

They are analgesics

Terpenes are natural compounds with anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Among these compounds is linalool, a floral terpene found in lavender, citrus, and mint. Its anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties make it an attractive candidate for use as an analgesic. However, the exact mechanism behind the analgesic action of terpenes is not yet known. Researchers are continuing to investigate the mechanism by which terpenes act to combat pain.

They are antibacterial

Terpenes are compounds with antibacterial and antifungal properties that have been used in traditional and modern medicine. They have been found in plants such as Helichrysum italicum, Rosmarinus officinalis, and Pinus ponderosa, as well as in spices. The benefits of these substances are numerous. Some of the best known are:

They are anticancer

A cyclic monoterpene derived from the peel of the citrus fruit limonene has anticancer activity. In lab tests, limonene inhibited the growth and development of several types of tumors by increasing Bax and reducing Bcl-2 levels. It also induced apoptosis and altered the expression of genes involved in signal transduction and inflammation.

They are a central nervous system depressant

The effects of terpenes may be due to psychological phenomena. Some researchers believe that these compounds act through the influence of emotion, beliefs, and expectations. Others believe that terpenes affect central nervous system function through direct physiological effects. While research is limited, it is likely that limonene and linalool are calming and mood elevating, respectively. These compounds are responsible for the pleasant odors of many plants, including pine.

They support gut health

Most terpenes are safe to ingest orally. In fact, they have been consumed for thousands of years with little to no adverse side effects. As natural ingredients of many fruits, vegetables, and herbs, most terpenes have powerful medicinal benefits, even in diluted concentrations. However, a growing body of scientific evidence indicates that certain terpenes may be beneficial to the digestive system.

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