What does it mean to have ‘Body Intelligence’?

Body Intelligence

Our bodies provide a lot of information, and we must learn to pay attention to those signals. We may begin by listening to our hearts and guts, but as our ability to hear increases, we discover that our entire bodies are speaking to us. One of the most important aspects of yoga is developing a relationship with one’s body.

We have three sorts of intelligence: the mind, the heart, and the gut. As a result, many of us have lost touch with our bodies entirely because our heads get in the way of our other two ‘brains.’

Even more ironically, while we are in the present moment, our hearts and guts are operating for us. It’s not a metaphor when we have a gut feeling about something. So to speak.

Taking care of your mental well-being requires more than just adjusting your mental activity (such as ideas, attitudes, and beliefs) and expressing your emotions in an appropriate, beneficial way. Because your brain resides within your body, becoming more attuned to your physical well-being would benefit your mental health (and vice versa).

The goal of yoga practice may differ for each of us, but if we go to the ancient literature, enlightenment, or samadhi, has been clearly described (also known as the state of yoga, as opposed to the practices). It’s easy for people to dismiss this ethereal concept as just voodoo or yet another impossible goal when it’s so difficult to grasp.

Although Daniel Goleman has popularized the terms “emotional intelligence” and “social intelligence,” it’s possible that the term “body intelligence (BQ)” is new to you. An essay by Jim Gavin, Ph.D. in 2010, describes BQ as “how conscious you are of your body (knowledge) and what you do for and with your body.”

How to Meditate Properly

Because meditation takes place in the mind, it is sometimes misunderstood as some ethereal mysticism. The good news is that this isn’t the case at all. Meditation’s calming and grounding effects may come from personal experience, but research now demonstrates that meditation alters the brain’s structure. Think about it: By meditating, you can change the size and form of your brain. Don’t underestimate the power of meditation. There is a reason meditation continues to be the most holistic path towards mental and physical wellbeing, keeping you in proper internal balance.

Conduct Proper Full-Body Scans to Check Progress

No structured meditations lasting more than 30 minutes are required for body scans. Meditating 30-60 minutes a day for 8-12 weeks will greatly impact your body’s intelligence. Focusing your consciousness from the top of your head to the tips of your toes is all you need to get started. Sensations can be felt throughout, yet you may not feel anything from one area to another. Accept your current state of mind and carry on scanning.

Breath in Deeply From the Diaphragm

The more you practice breathing awareness, the more you’ll be surprised by how shallow your breaths are, especially when you’re upset, overloaded, or trying to juggle many tasks. Our attention is rarely drawn to the area below the belly button. High-anxiety persons, in particular, may need more time to begin experiencing feelings in their torso since the brain is more likely to “filter out” such unpleasant sensations over time if they are repeatedly occurring.

To put it another way, consciously breathing from your Diaphragm isn’t just about switching from the “fight/flight/freeze” response to the “rest/digest” system. Still, it’s also re-educating your brain that your lower abdomen exists so it can automatically activate it at the first sign of an emotional or physical stress response.

Build Your Core

To put it another way, it is undeniable that physical exercise enhances one’s sense of well-being. Among the numerous reasons you should work on improving your core strength is because beginning aerobic workouts on an unstable spine and core increases inflammation and the stress response, which might lead to injury (then back on the couch we go). I’m not talking about performing hundreds of crunches; unlike the back muscles, the abs don’t atrophy as rapidly.

To begin, lay on the floor with your hands by your side, palms facing down, bending your knees shoulder-width apart. As you lift your trunk off the floor, maintain your spine straight and hold for 30-60 seconds before gently lowering your trunk back down again. It’s a good idea to do this 10-15 times daily, at least three times weekly.

Exercising too much might be harmful. If you’re looking to jumpstart your fitness journey, I recommend working with an experienced personal trainer who can design a tailored plan for your goals.

I can’t write about body intelligence without discussing yoga or tai-chi, the movement meditations of the workout world. Focusing on what your body tells you rather than over-exerting yourself while pushing yourself is what yoga and tai-chi are all about, rather than ignoring what they tell you.

Get Regular Full Body Massages

Getting a massage from your significant other, or even a friend, will not only help you remember that body part exists but also help you relax, decrease stress, and strengthen your relationship with your partner. Giving your children a little massage is an excellent daily ritual, whether in the morning or at night. Another option is to add some self-love to your self-care routines by getting a therapeutic massage.

Chiropractic treatment aims to improve the communication between the brain and the rest of the body. Hello, BQ! 🙂 For further information, it’s best to consult with a chiropractor.

In conclusion, body intelligence relies on an intimate relationship between your body and its external and internal environment. Whereas there is an abundance of knowledge on balancing our internal environment through dieting, exercise and meditation, a lot more insight is required on how to balance our body with our external environment. Through the tips provided in this article, you have a great chance at building resilience and a proper balance for holistic growth.

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