What signs indicate that a child has ADHD?

does my child have ADHD

It is not unusual for children to develop mental health issues. Some of the most common mental health issues kids may suffer include depression, anxiety, and ADHD. ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and it can have a significant impact on the overall quality of life of a child who is still developing. Even though it is true that a lot of children outgrow ADHD, it is also true that children may have a difficult time growing and developing academically and socially if ADHD is not managed correctly. Many parents have found that ”smart drugs” (nootropics) can be beneficial, but the sooner this condition is diagnosed, the faster the appropriate treatment can be delivered. What are some of the signs and symptoms of ADHD?

Poor Time Management

One of the most common signs of ADHD is poor time management. Children who do not manage their time appropriately have difficulty keeping up with their homework. Because kids with ADHD have difficulty focusing, they procrastinate on a lot of their homework assignments. This means that a lot of their assignments are turned in late but can impact their academic development. With proper treatment, it is easier to teach children with ADHD how to manage their time properly. 

A Hard Time Sitting Still

Next, kids with ADHD often have a tough time sitting still. For example, when a child with ADHD is asked to sit down to pay attention in class, they may start to rock back and forth. Or, they may leave the chair back on its rear legs. It is also not unusual for kids with ADHD to sit down for a few minutes and stand up to walk around the classroom because they have difficulty sitting still.

Impulsive Behavior

Children with ADHD also suffer from impulsive behavior. They do not always think things through before they do something. For example, children with ADHD rarely wait to be called on in class. Instead, they blurt out the answer, or they may ask an utterly off-topic question. The same thing can happen when children are waiting in line. Children with ADHD often have a difficult time waiting their turn. Instead of waiting to get to the front of the line, they will get out of line, run to the show, and behave in whatever manner they like best. 

A Low Tolerance for Frustration

Finally, kids with ADHD also have a very low tolerance for frustration. Because they have a hard time focusing, they might have difficulty completing their assignments properly. Or, they may have trouble finishing a puzzle or a video game. Instead of pausing for a second to focus on what is most important, they simply move on to something else. As a result, they leave a trail of half-finished assignments in their wake, and they get frustrated instead of trying to troubleshoot them properly. Children with ADHD need help to overcome this issue.

Seek Help for ADHD Management

Similar to other conditions, ADHD can manifest differently from child to child. Fortunately, this is not something you need to go through independently. However, if you believe your child may have ADHD, you must reach out to your pediatrician to learn more. Therapy can be beneficial, some medications might be helpful, and supplements can be beneficial. If ADHD is adequately controlled, it will be easier for children to grow and develop socially and academically. 

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