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This is a reminder. Cold Water Power works. Repeat. Repeat. Take a cold Shower.

When things get heated good advice is, ‘Take a cold shower and calm down.  Cold water does reduce stress.  Cold water can prevent you from getting sick in a number of other ways too. At the start of Covid, I wrote Add Cold Showers to Your List.  In case you shivered at the thought,  please reconsider.  Summer weather makes cold showers more desirable.

But it is not easy.

A healthy immune system is important. People who take cold showers will swear that they are healthier for it.  They may not like doing it, but they like the results.

Katie Holmes wrote an informative article on:  Cold Water Benefits. She cites many testimonials from cold shower warriors. The gist can be summed up in the following

Acne is highly reduced as the cold water closes the pores.

Eczema, psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions relax.

Fewer colds and flu are contacted. Some people have gone years without being sick because they survive the cold water challenges.

Attitudes improve. Willpower increases. The body’s circulation is invigorated.

One feels less tired, re-energized, happier.

Cold showers build inner strength. Uncomfortable situations become easier to handle.

Endure a cold shower allows you to master other life challenges.

A cold shower will likely make you shiver because your body wants to be warm.  Blood starts to flow. Your metabolism is increased and while more white blood cells are produced, more pathogens are eliminated. Makes sense.

Alexander writes:

I have been taking cold showers every day for the last 12 months. The first week was all about overcoming the very *very *strong urge to NOT hop under an icy cold water first thing in the morning. But once you are over it, things get better, much better… 

Calvin writes:
I have been taking cold showers for about a year now and have noticed that I have better energy, alertness, and resiliency to stress and infections. Normally, I would get sick a couple times a year but this year, despite COVID19 and my refusal to shelter in place, I have not been sick at all…. I notice that when I feel like I may be catching something or if I’m feeling groggy, all I need to do is hop into a cold shower and it completely changes my state. 

Cold showering will empower you in maintaining better health.  But do not expect to enjoy it.

Some of you courageous souls may be able to walk into a cold shower and do your thing for 2-3 minutes. Kudos to you.  I manage contrast showering.  A warm shower, sudsing up, then turning the tap slowly to cool, then to cold for the full 2 minutes. I do not love it, but I do it anyway. Accolades are deserved.

Do benefit from natural homemade soaps while competing in this marathon. They, too, will add to your skin’s better heath.


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By Martha Shannon – [email protected]

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