Useful tips to help you take proper care of your eyes


Our eyes are one of the most powerful tools, besides the brain, that we have. Our eyes are made to look around and explore our surroundings as a whole. That is the reason why our pupils are round, so we can observe everything, not just something specifically. Our brains thus process this information and look for patterns and look for meaning. This is why our eyes are so important, to feed the brain with proper information.

Thus, it is no wonder why it is in our interest to protect our eyes. Eyes are not only there for functionality, but they are also very important in the social aspect. There is something different when you look someone in the eyes and we can tell so much from someone else’s eyes. In order for us to continue using our eyes to their fullest potential, we should take care of them. Here are some tips that will help you in caring for and protecting your precious eyes.

Eye exam

Everyone is unique, and thus everyone has unique eyes. The best way to know how to take care of your very own eyes is by taking an eye exam. Maybe the headaches that you suffer from on a daily basis come from eye problems you are not aware of? There are a lot of problems that can stem from poor vision, and an eye exam will tell you all about it. It can be quite inconvenient to take it, but like any other medical check-up, it is totally worth the hassle.

As with any medical check-up, the question of pricing arises. There is no one definitive price of an eye exam because typical eye exam cost in Canada will always differ from let’s say the prices in the US. Luckily, in most countries, this type of exam will not make you bankrupt, as prices can range from $80 to $300 depending on various factors. By paying for this exam now, you are saving money from needing even more exams in the future.


The sun is truly a beautiful thing and everyone likes a sunny day. Our eyes are made to withstand the usual amount of sun, but sometimes it can get too much. We already have a growing problem of more UV light penetrating the atmosphere.

UV light is of a lower wavelength and thus can penetrate deeper into any kind of tissue. This stronger light is harmful to both the skin and our eyes. By wearing sunglasses on very sunny days, you will not only look cool but you will also protect your eyes.

Healthy diet

Many of our health problems can be resolved with a well-balanced diet. The trick to understanding diets is to know that there is no one diet that is universally beneficial for everyone. We all live on different continents and have different microbiomes.

These microbiomes are used to eating different food because every continent has different kinds of food available. Besides this point, we should all eat both plants and meat in amounts that are comfortable for us.

Screen time

Many of us spend way too much time looking at screens not because of our personal choice. It can be quite tiresome to just look at a screen the whole day, especially if you work remotely. This is why you should try to reduce your screen time while you really do not need to look at one. You should try taking walks outside after a long session of looking at a screen. If you really must look at a screen, you should set the settings to comfortable brightness levels.

Physical protection

Workplace hazards are one of the most causes of eye damage mostly in men. The nonsensical approach that safety gear is for the weak is something you should avoid at any cost. If you work with machinery that can damage your eyes, always wear protection. If you work in a lab with hazardous chemicals, wear safety goggles. You do not need to lose your sight or even your whole eyes for nothing.

It really is not hard to explain why it is important to take care of our eyes. Even the aforementioned tips are really not hard to explain because they are intuitive. They are made to be intuitive because our brains want us to know that eyes are important.

But, it sure is sometimes important to list all the obvious things in life to never forget them. Even if we really know and understand something, we tend to forget such things the most. This is because they are simple, but simple and small things are almost always the important ones. By thinking about such things on a daily basis, we can do even more than just take care of our eyes.

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