Do you suffering from work related injuries? Osteopathic treatment can help

Osteopathic treatment

Osteopathic treatment – Sore shoulder, aching arms, legs or feet, back pain. These aches and pains aren’t just the result of getting older or being out of shape. They are often related to our work, especially for women.

In 2007, “strains and sprains” accounted for 50 percent of all injuries reported to Canadian workers’ compensation boards. More women than men report these soft tissue injuries as a result of their work. For example:

  • Health care workers get bad backs.
  • Sewing machine operators have shoulder and neck problems.
  • Bank tellers and cashiers standing on the job get leg or foot injuries.
  • Computer users get hand, wrist, neck and shoulder problems.

These injuries usually sneak up on us. Women often get on with their jobs, trying to “work through” the pain or ignore night time tingling in their hands. But the injuries can become very painful and, sometimes permanent, disabilities. Depending on what is injured, other tissues can be affected. Work and other activities may be difficult: women may not be able to brush their teeth, hold their children, open doors, prepare food or carry groceries.

What are these injuries called?

  • carpal tunnel syndrome (nerves going through wrist);
  • degenerative disk disease (backbone);
  • epicondylitis (tennis or golfer’s elbow);
  • myofascial pain/myalgia (tissue covering muscles);
  • rotator cuff syndrome (shoulder tendons);
  • sciatica (nerve to leg from discs);
  • tendonitis (tendons); and
  • tenosynovitis/de Quervain’s (tendon sheath/covering).

How can I deal with a work-related soft tissue injury?

  • See your doctor about getting time off, “light duty”.
  • Tape for wrist pain
  • Go to a specialist (osteopathic doctor, naturopathic doctor, massage therapist).
  • Take your breaks, walk at lunch and/or do exercises on the job (eg. shoulder rolls, stretching).

Osteopathic Treatment is the best solution for to decrease your discomfort and pain. Dr. Kruglov is using advance manual techniques, therapeutic laser, naturopathic formulas to increase vital force in order to help the body heal itself faster.

Osteopathy is a way of detecting and treating injury to the body in it’s various forms, whether it be through physical trauma (i.e. whiplash, traumatic birth for mother and baby), repetitive strain, ‘overuse’ i.e. sports injury) or just the knocks and bumps that we collect through life. When the bones, joints and soft tissues of the body are fully mobile, balanced and efficient, like a well tuned complex machine, it will function optimally and with the minimum of energy, effort, wear and tear.

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