Personal help – Signs it’s time to seek treatment

Personal help

Personal help – People struggling with substance addiction don’t always receive the necessary treatment for a variety of reasons. In most instances, the reasons are centered around the notion that the person’s addiction isn’t bad enough that treatment is necessary.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a sliding scale that can definitively tell you whether or not you require treatment. Still, if you are struggling with such thoughts and think you need Personal help, it is usually more than enough confirmation that professional help is necessary. The following information from Couples Rehab will help you to determine whether you could benefit from treatment.

Personal help – Time to seek treatment

Substance abuse is now your priority

One simple way to determine the impact that addiction has had on your life is whether or not is now your key focus. If you find your thoughts during the day being consumed by the acquisition and consumption of substances, this could be indicative of some level of addiction. As the addiction progresses, other activities, interests, and responsibilities start taking a back seat.

Your health has started to deteriorate

Substance abuse often leads to numerous physical and mental health ailments. Some of the outcomes can be linked directly to the types of substances used. Symptoms of conditions linked to alcohol and drug abuse range from mild to severe depending on what you use, the length of time you have been using it, and the quantity taken. If you experience unwanted changes in feelings, thoughts, or behaviours, that could be indicative of a growing substance abuse problem.

You have started becoming tolerant

In the early stages of substance abuse, powerful effects can be experienced even with small doses since the body isn’t accustomed to it. However, as substance abuse worsens, the effects start becoming less powerful. You start requiring larger doses to achieve the same effects. Unfortunately, increased tolerance puts you at a greater risk for overdosing.

You are unable to quit

Addiction is usually a vicious cycle of both ups and downs. Recovery is usually marked with periods of sobriety followed by relapse. If you are struggling with maintaining sobriety on your own or have failed in your attempts at ceasing use, it could be time to seek professional assistance. Substance abuse treatment programs provide the structure and intensity usually needed to successfully stop taking the drugs or alcohol.

Your relationships have started to suffer

Addiction may cause you to lose focus on the things that used to matter most. Relationships usually suffer when addiction kicks in since it becomes prioritized over everything else. You might find yourself spending progressively less time with loved ones or discover that substance abuse is causing the development of strains in your relationships. It isn’t uncommon for close relationships to change significantly as one of the side effects of addiction.

You experience withdrawal

You can sometimes draw the line between abuse and addiction in the withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are indicative of dependency developing. Due to this, you may feel as though drugs and alcohol are necessary for you to feel normal. The withdrawal symptoms can even be dangerous in some cases. If you would like to stop using drugs or alcohol, you can enlist the help of professionals to help in managing the withdrawal symptoms as comfortably and safely as possible.

Your financial situation is strained

People that struggle with addiction also experience financial difficulties. The cost of maintaining an addiction is astronomical and since it is often prioritized over everything else, financial trouble usually develops. It can be challenging to managing financial obligations such as bills if your top priority is drugs and/or alcohol. You may often find yourself directing funds into sustaining the addiction rather than into your other responsibilities.

Your performance at work or school is deteriorating

Addiction often makes it difficult to manage the responsibilities of work or school. You might find yourself being chronically late, calling in sick, or even failing to meet deadlines. This may cause problems in the relationships with your peers and can cause you to either loss employment or fail academically.

You have cravings

Cravings almost always go hand-in-hand with withdrawal symptoms. If you experience alcohol or drug cravings, it is often an indicator that you are becoming more dependent on them. Cravings can easily cloud your mind thus making it difficult to prioritize other responsibilities.

You are no longer in control

Addiction can make it virtually impossible to manage your obligation. In the initial stages of substance abuse development, you can maintain some level of management and control over your responsibilities. Over time, however, these start taking a back seat. People that struggle with addiction usually lose control of their finances, relationships, and even their health. Life may sometimes feel reduced to living from one high to the next.

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