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The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on la Fête nationale du Québec:  "Today, my family and I join millions of Quebecers to celebrate la Fête nationale du Québec and our Québécois pride. What makes us unique also contributes to making Canada a...

Greek wines & Islands

In Wine
On June 23, 2020
In my early days of wine drinking I didn’t know much about Greek wines. Greece was a country with strange sounding grapes and mysterious wines. Terra incognita is the most appropriate phrase to describe my state of mind in those times. At the moment, I am...
Ben Mulroney announced on today's broadcast of CTV'S YOUR MORNING that he has decided to pass the mic and make way for new, diverse voices by stepping down from his role as anchor on CTV's ETALK. In his return as co-host of YOUR MORNING following a scheduled vacation last...
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